Transparent, Compliant AI for Collections: A Safer Path to Breakthrough Results

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About the Webinar

As consumer protection requirements increase, third-party collection agencies are looking to improve their contact strategies without complicating compliance management. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can dramatically improve account segmentation and collection results, but how can ARM leaders ensure they’re avoiding discriminatory practices and staying compliant with the new CFPB rules? 


In this webinar, Finvi Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer Rozanne Andersen and Senior Director, Data Science & Product Management Greg Allen will share how “explainable” AI (xAI) provides third-party collection agencies with a transparent and compliant approach to improving segmentation and collections.  


In this webinar, we’ll discuss: 

  • How AI is currently being deployed in the ARM industry 
  • What separates xAI from other AI technologies available to collectors 
  • How xAI helps collection agencies improve performance without added legal and regulatory risks 
  • Why AI and machine learning are a must for the ARM industry going forward 


Register now—using the form at the top of this page—to learn more about this one-of-a-kind xAI technology that’s changing third-party collectors’ expectations, operations, and long-term prospects. 



Rozanne Andersen

VP, Chief Compliance Officer, Finvi

Rozanne Andersen serves as Finvi’s Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer. She is a licensed attorney and a 30+ year veteran and advocate of the banking, credit, and collection industry. She holds Chief Compliance Officer certifications from both ACA International and RMAI International. In 2020, Andersen received an international Compliance Officer of the Year award from Women in Compliance. 

Prior to joining Finvi, Andersen served as former general counsel, director of government affairs, and CEO of ACA International. Since 2011, she has led Finvi's regulatory compliance efforts to ensure compliance solutions are embedded in the company’s software, contact management, payment processing, and cloud solutions. 

Greg Allen

Senior Director, Data Science & Product Management, Finvi

Gregory Allen is the founder and former CEO of RandomWalk Analytics Inc, and Pairity, Inc., and is now Sr. Director of Data Science and Product Management for Finvi. Before studying Applied Mathematics at the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Gregory joined the executive management team of a private equity business. His responsibilities included managing up to 80 employees, overcoming information silos within the businesses, and assisting in negotiating contracts with the GSA. In 2008, as a student, he sold his intellectual property in the form of high-frequency trading algorithms that are still in use today and began a consulting career in the field of quantitative analytics for the financial and health care industries. After researching probabilistic modeling for social media analytics, Gregory established RandomWalk Analytics Inc, a software development and analytics company that created and licensed products to understand people through data. In May of 2017, Greg received venture capital funding for Pairity, Inc., which aimed to bring AI into the ARM space and was acquired by Finvi (formerly Ontario Systems) in February of 2021. 

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