Collect Smarter: How "Explainable" AI Is Transforming the ARM Industry

Thursday, April 22 On-Demand

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About the Webinar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving more efficient workflows, and previously unattainable results, in many industries. But how AI algorithms make their decisions and grow smarter over time is often a mystery. In the world of third-party collections, concerns over transparency in a highly regulated business environment are creating a sense of hesitancy among ARM leaders who aren't sure whether the potential rewards of an AI-driven collections process outweigh the risks.

In this 60-minute webinar, Finvi Senior Consultant and ARM industry veteran Bryan Jablonski will join Principal Data Scientist Ian Baldwin to discuss "explainable" AI (xAI)—a breakthrough development in the ARM market—and how its transparent algorithm is changing the industry.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How near-term market trends are encouraging AI adoption
  • How CFPB rule changes impact the outlook for AI
  • Why the ARM industry's standard approach to account prioritization is broken
  • What a flawed static scoring model may be costing you
  • Where xAI is heading in the ARM market

Register now—using the form at the top of this page—to learn more about this one-of-a-kind xAI technology that's changing third-party collectors' expectations, operations, and long-term prospects.



Bryan Jablonski

Senior Solutions Consultant, Finvi

Bryan Jablonski has been a Chief Operating Officer and director of operations at several industry-leading receivables management companies. At Pairity, he focuses on risk-mitigated business capital investment, process improvement, and efficiencies and is responsible for ensuring clients are served in the best possible manner. From project management and oversight to process optimization and workflow development, Bryan has a proven track record of success ensuring goals and milestones are met. 

Ian Baldwin

Principal Data Scientist, Finvi

Ian Baldwin is the principal data scientist for Ontario Systems' Pairity AI technology. Ian's role is to develop machine learning models and frameworks for the ARM and healthcare industries. Prior to joining Pairity, Ian worked at Intel on AI projects in aerospace, banking, and manufacturing. 

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